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These are my works. I do cosplay, lolita fashion, drawing, painting, sculpting, steampunk, and lots of other stuff. Please leave comments! I love to know what you guys think about my work. Also, if you would like a commission, please Note me. I'm still not sure I'll do a whole bunch of them, but if it's a few here and there, I may be able to swing it. :3





This is the story of Aiva and Embers, two art dolls that I created as representations of myself and my boyfriend, Chris. There is a photo of them in my gallery so please give that a look if you read this. Thanks! 

These Beautiful Creatures

Quiet girl, tried her best to keep to herself.

Aiva was an artist who loved to draw. Her sketchbooks were filled with fantastic stories of worlds unknown to anyone but her, and that’s just the way she liked it. But she was bullied, endlessly tormented by people who barely knew her. These monsters who teased her used her for her talent, asking her to draw them things, then claiming that the work presented was done by their own hands. The torment she endured turned her into a monster herself, building a physical wall between her and the people she met, keeping everyone at arms length.

Until she met Embers.

Embers had been used, cheated on by all the girls that he fell in love with until his heart fell cold and shattered onto the dusty floor of his bedroom. He learned to trust no women, and in a moment of weakness he would always end up seeing his shattered, broken heart hit the dusty floor of his cluttered room. Tired of watching his heart crumble to dust on the floor of his workshop, he cut out his eyes with his soot-covered hands, only putting them back in to work on proejects. His broken heart, his love being torn to shreds, and his toyed-with mind caused his image to change. His body started to reflect how he felt inside. Embers holed himself in his room, trusting very few people, and doing his best to fix his heart. He learned to repair it as well as he could, always finding that, once it was fixed, he found a new love that inevitably broke his heart again. It was a vicious cycle, until one day, he decided that enough was enough. 

Embers stopped repairing his heart. He gave up, thinking that no girl would have him and that he was never good enough for a real relationship. 

One day they met, and Aiva and Embers noticed how alike they were. They were both monsters, but she thought he was the most handsome man she’d ever seen, and he thought she was too beautiful to describe.

They fell so deeply in love, and Embers found himself missing her with everything that he was. Though it was against his previous principles, Embers allowed himself to love one last time. They confessed their love to each other, and Aiva kissed him first. 

Several love-filled weeks passed, and Embers worried that he was being cheated on again. Aiva never talked to him about any of her friends, and that worried him the most. Soon, his fear overwhelmed his love for her. His promises were empty, his love was false, he lied when he told her, “I love you.”

He thought he had fallen out of love. But Aiva’s beauty and sweetness kept Embers from leaving her. He didn’t want to hurt her. Eventually, Embers realized he was hurting her more with his false love and empty promises.

So he left her. 

Embers didn’t realize how much she was doing for him. The times he has said, “No” to seeing her were times she really needed him. The times she really needed someone there to talk to, as a friend, he was never there. He didn’t understand that the reason Aiva wasn’t talking about her friends was because she didn’t have any. None that were as close to her as he was, at least. The times that Embers turned Aiva away were times that she really needed to see him; she had a gift for him. But he, wanting to distance himself from her, avoided her as much as he could. He didn’t realize what she needed to give him.

So Aiva mailed it to him.

It was a detailed sketch of how his heart should be and how they could make it. Aiva had often seen Embers working on his heart and he always refused her help, even though he needed it. 

And in his dusty, cluttered room, Embers cried. He didn’t know what else there was to do, he thought he had lost her. For the first time in such a long time, he cried, realizing what he had done.

Aiva sat alone in her room, crying endlessly. Her crying and the endless wiping of tears drove her mad. Aiva decided, after many days, that she didn’t want to cry any longer, so she plucked the eyes out of her skull, vowing to never to cry over him again.

A month passed, and Embers finally brought himself to invite her over. Aiva wasn’t sure what he wanted, but she thought seeing him would help her feel better. Aiva worried what Embers would say about her eyes, how her beautiful brown eyes had been bored out of her skull and why she had done it. 

They talked, acting as friends, but Ember soon realized how beautiful she was again. Even without her eyes, Aiva was indescribably beautiful. Aiva noticed how handsome he was again, wanting so badly to caress his cheek and kiss him as she had done so many times before. They stood close to each other on the back porch of his home in the cool spring air, finding it difficult to stand apart. Embers finally brought his hand up to her cheek and looked into the void left by her eyes. He had done the same thing, and he then knew how much he had hurt her. 

Aiva noticed his hurt smile when he saw her eyes were gone and grinned up at him. “I’m alright,” she whispered, “I just didn’t want to cry anymore.”

They both noticed how in love they still were with each other.

“Aiva, I want to show you something,” Embers said quietly to her, grabbing her by the hand and taking her to his room. It was filled with tools and parts of cars, engines, clocks, machines, all collected by him. And at the center of the room was a small desk with a lantern, lighting the sketch Aiva had done to help him fix his heart. He put his eyes into place so he could see the sketch better. 

Embers took the sketch into his hands and felt his eyes tear up. Aiva noticing this and wished she could share her tears with him, but she could not. 

“I want-,” he started, walking back to her and taking her by the hand. She smiled sympathetically to him. “I need your help, Aiva.”

“Even if you never keep your promises again,” Aiva started, looking up at him with her hollow eyes, “And even if you don’t love me anymore, I want to show you that it’s okay to love someone. I want to fix your heart so someone in the future will know your love as well as I once did.”

“Until then, Aiva,” Embers replied, kissing her forehead, “You’re the only one who can feel my love.”

And so, the two beautiful creatures loved so fully and so deeply, that they worked together to fix his mangled heart. They missed each other when they were apart, but did their best to spend as much time as they could together. Aiva and Embers spent time together simply being with one another, learning to love again. 

So love deeply, because you never know when the other may be gone. Trust more, for the person who loves and accepts you for who you are deserves all the trust in the world. And find beauty in everyone, no matter how they may look. 

Love Deeply,
Trust Completely,
Find Beauty.

Brittany Molnar

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